Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Cutting-edge science awaits

The World Congress of Neurology's scientific program is designed to be informative, engaging, and relevant to the diverse interests and specialties of attendees, making it a valuable experience for professionals at all stages of their careers.

Interactive Program

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Teaching courses


Get ready for many exciting and novel sessions including Presidential and Regional Symposia, Meet the Professors, Young Neurologist Sessions, Joint Sessions with Related Societies, Patient Day & Patient Forum, AI Session and much more!

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Learn about the latest advances in neurology research and clinical practice.
Exchange ideas that can help advance your career and education.
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Experience a diverse range of session types

The World Congress of Neurology will offer a rich and varied selection of session types, catering to the diverse interests and needs of attendees.


Interactive sessions that will offer practical training and hands-on experience on specific topics related to neurology.

Plenary sessions:

Keynote lectures delivered by distinguished speakers, covering broad and innovative topics related to neurology.

Teaching courses:

Educational sessions that will cover fundamental or advanced concepts in neurology, designed for attendees to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Coffee Talks:

Engage in candid conversations with current and past WFN leaders and get insights into WFN’s dynamic educational projects.


These interactive sessions will feature opposing views on controversial topics in neurology, providing attendees with different perspectives and stimulating discussions.

Regional Symposia:

Sessions that will explore specific regional issues and challenges related to neurology, and highlight local research and clinical developments.

Free paper sessions:

Presentations of original research findings or case studies submitted by attendees, selected by the scientific committee based on their quality and relevance to neurology. These sessions offer an opportunity for attendees to share their work, receive feedback, and learn about cutting-edge research and clinical practices.

Meet the speakers:

Meet with our esteemed plenary speakers! Engage in interactive dialogues that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Brain health is our greatest wealth

Join us at WCN 2023, where we are dedicated to promoting brain health and advancing the field of neurology. Through extensive research, practice, and collaboration, we have curated an exceptional scientific program and teaching sessions.
We warmly invite you to be a part of this inspiring global educational event!