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A Social Media Marketing Workshop

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Social Media isn’t the future, it is the now! Building audiences, nurturing relationships, becoming an influencer, this is what you must learn to grow your business. Social media plays a huge role in our business and those of our many clients. You too can succeed with the right mindset! Join us in our upcoming Social Media Marketing workshop to learn how.

We have invested a great number of hours with our coaches and mentors over the years and for almost two decades we have been teaching Online Marketing. Our passion is to share our hard learned lessons with YOU so you may benefit from our errors along the way and the most current information available.


On Friday, October 27, 2017 WCNInteractive, Inc. is offering two signature programs, “Content Creation” presented by Cheri Martin, Certified Social Media Trainer and “Facebook Ad Marketing” presented by Richard Martin, Facebook Ad Specialist.

Buena Vida Estates (across from Cheddar’s Restaurant)
2129 W. New Haven Ave.
West Melbourne, FL 32904

Registration at 8:30AM, Content Creation” Workshop starts at 9AM and goes to noon;
Facebook Ad Marketing” Workshop Registration at 12:30PM, starts at 1PM and goes to 4PM.

Admission Fee: Registration is Closed!
Join us for BOTH Workshops for only $147.00; Includes lunch from 12PM to 1PM; and Save $47.00!


Attend Individual Workshops: Content Creation $97.00 or Facebook Ad Marketing $97.00

$97.00 Registration is Closed!

Content Creation:   Starts at 9AM

1: What to say and how to say it

2:  How to be share-worthy

3: Creation Tools & Techniques

$97.00 Registration is Closed!

Facebook Ad Marketing:   Starts at 1PM

1: Connect with your ideal customer

2: Post to generate leads

3: Facebook Ad Funnel