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Do You Want To Know How To
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Then join us for a live training that will take you from Set Up to Finish of an effective
Facebook Ad Campaign on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.


We who use Facebook as our primary marketing platform have issues with a decrease in our ‘reach’ (visibility).
This is our life blood, the way we earn a living, yet we understand this is Facebook’s business too! For Facebook to
continue to grow they have to protect their members. This means that they have to balance members entertainment
and conversations with friends and growing the value of their stock, by the way is up over 100% so far in 2013.



EdgeRank Checker

In their blog post on December 17, 2013

In the week before the change, we were seeing Reach of about 9.5%.
After the change, we’re seeing Reach of about 7.7% (a -19% change).


Take control of your Facebook marketing and Grow your business in 2014


Facebook is by far the BEST marketing platform on the Internet! Like anything else you have to understand their
idiosyncrasies on how they allow business to work with their members. For a more in-depth look at Facebook advertising platform join us on January 15, 2014 at 7pm.


You will learn to:

Demystify The Facebook Ad Form

Easy Split Testing Techniques

Understand The Numbers


We will go way beyond by leading you through the process
for each of the following items:

‘Promoted Post’ – benefits, challenges and best practices

Ad campaigns – benefits and challenges

Ad campaign structure

Ad image selection

Ad copy writing

Ad demographic profiling

Ad geographical settings

Ad split testing

Ad campaign budgeting

Ad campaign strategies

Ad campaign expectations


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