Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business!

December 9, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Richard Martin

new-mindset-new-resultsA VIP Coaching Day for a LIMITED number of individuals!  – SESSION IS FULL!

Every year, millions of people go through goal-setting, coaching and mentoring programs with little or no tangible success! I know, I have become tangled, exasperated and disheartened over the lack of seeing and feeling what I thought I was signing up to receive on a number of occasions. I have spent time, energy and money only to leave discouraged!

Because of not getting at least some of what I was expecting to receive in other programs, I chose to develop my own process.

In my “Grow Yourself, Grow Your Business” program, designed specifically for a very small group, we will be using the original concept developed by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s. Where we can have conversations that are aimed to challenge each of the members to open their mind and to grow one’s self and in turn everything that surrounds you. Once you open the door of knowledge and let your mind see the possibilities there is no going back. As a way of drawing a comparison, going back to the early years of our life as we learned to crawl, walk and talk was accomplished, we never turned back.

There is a nominal fee for this VIP Coaching Day which will consist of a small group of only 5 individuals, it is exclusive, meaning no competing profession per group. It is conducted in a very comfortable setting, my living room, and will include lunch. It is truly developed to help you holistically. In this program you can experience success and not have to go it alone. That said, the road to success is seldom easy, but you don’t have to travel without a value-driven “roadmap!”

Are you ready to see new results in your life and your business? Are you serious about taking you and your business to the next level of success? Then it’s time to get started! Please apply NOW and Richard will contact you for your business growth assessment.

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