Richard teaching+600pxDo you think your business is stagnant, not meeting your expectations, or are you unsure of the right course of action? As a business owner we sometimes find ourselves in this predicament. Where do you turn? You don’t want to let the public know, much less your competition. You are in a quandary, too many business owners make the costly mistake of directing their business improperly or not seeking good advice. There are many aspects to running a business or being a solo-preneur such as accounting, customer relations, legal, inventory, advertising, marketing, promotions and personal growth. This is where a ‘coach’ can be a major asset to you.wordle-6

I’m often asked what the difference is between a coach and a consultant. When one hires a consultant they are there to provide you and/or your business with their answers to your specific questions or concerns. Whereas a coach is there only for you and knows the answer lies within you, thus is there to aid you in realizing your own natural abilities. The largest advantage, and why I love coaching so much, is when a client realizes exactly how blessed they actually are when they recognize the answer to their own question or situation.

When I coach, I become a thought director. An example is when ‘you’ are struggling with a business question, such as not enough revenue (sales) coming into the business. It is easy to blame the economy or something else. The reality is you still need the revenue, so I come along and start asking probing questions designed to make you think and maybe feel a little uncomfortable. It is at this point you start turning your situation around and, done correctly, good times can eventually follow.

“I needed someone to encourage me, steer me, make me accountable, teach me how to prioritize, help me trust in myself, work through my insecurities so I could find courage to put myself and my new product out there. I cannot say enough about how Richard, helped me to do all those things and more. He is an expert at what he does, and performs so firmly and softly that the work he suggested I do seemed effortless and helped me reach my goals.” – Cindy Foley, Author

strategy-3A strategy is a process where you execute a sequence of well thought out steps to assure that your plan is executed with the correct timing, in its proper sequential progression to assure the impact you desire, achieve the goals and is delivered as specified to you.

For example, there are two methods for developing a pricing strategy. For this example, we are assuming both products are equal in every aspect. Product one is outselling product number two, the first assumption is it’s all about the price. The second assumption, is it is all about your marketing efforts to be known as the ‘go to’ product in your area of business. What strategy is being deployed in this marketing effort? In the real business world it is a little of both. But positioning done right will predominately trump price the vast majority of the time. For strategy coaching where you can use a trusted advisor to assist you so you can work through business opportunities similar to this one, click a session below.

Ready to make more money? My commitment to your growth and success is to help you develop and advance so you can achieve faster results!

~ Richard Martin ~


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  • Strategy Coaching Program Perfect For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

    Includes one-on-one interview with you where we shall discuss your small business’s goals, the direction you are taking today and where you ultimately desire your business to move towards. Then together we will build a customized plan of action to get you from where you are to where you want to be as soon as practical. This process typically takes about six to eight weeks.

  • Strategy Development Program For Your Team

    About MORE Than Just A Strategy! Includes every part of the ‘Entrepreneur’ Program. I will interview you and your team to discuss your business’s current positioning along with the intermediate goals and where your current business plan is taking your company. Plus the direction you desire your goals to shift your company’s outlook. Then together we will build your strategy around these defined goals. This process typically takes about eight to nine weeks.

  • Strategy Development Program For Your Company

    This program is not for everyone, just those who are driven to succeed, and Take Action NOW!  Includes every part of part of the ‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘Your Team’ Programs. I will interview your leadership team members and key customers/clients in immense detail and construct the strategy plan for your organization and work through the implementation process with you or your team. The time frame involved in this strategy planning process will be determined by the access you afford me to your team member but typically less than three months.

  • Individual Accountability Coaching – 12 Sessions

    This ‘One on One’ accountability coaching for Twelve (12) sessions is one of those programs I wish I had early on in my career. It’s one thing to have a spouse, business associate or friend to hold you accountable, however as well-meaning as they are, they tend to fall into the trap of letting you off the proverbial hook. As your Accountability Coach I am paid to keep you focused, and working towards your objective so you achieve your ultimate goal.

  • VIP Business Strategy Coaching Day –  1 Full Day ‘One-On-One’ Session

    Spend One Full Day With Me! This means we don’t care about the clock, our focus will be ‘One-On-One’ Coaching, with us exploring ideas, building marketing initiatives faster and growing you and your business with more clarity, direction and purpose.

  • VIP Business Strategy Coaching Program – 1 Full Day ‘One-On-One’ Session + 12 Coaching Sessions

    This is my BEST Business Growth Coaching Program – The VIP Full Day ‘One-On-One’ Coaching, just You and Me creating strategic vision and plans, taking your business to the next level. PLUS continued coaching with 12 ‘One-On-One’ Coaching Sessions.

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