Your brand is what people perceive you to be. Branding is the act of getting people to notice you, your product or service and managing their perception! It is important to identify how they feel about you, your product or service and determine if it fits within your marketing strategy.

The main reason for branding is to be noticed, to be seen as being original – which makes standing out amid a massive group of competitors much easier and enjoyable. With branding there are two ends to the branding stick, one end is enjoyable, energizing and fun, while the other is branding gone awry, which is not so much fun as it means your strategy’s failed.

There are thousands of businesses and anonymous competitors and many times more websites all fighting New-Mindset-New-Results-Red-Arrow-250for the same group of individuals. What’s more, the number of sales present presentations, advertising messages and offers one receives on a daily basis is absolutely mind blowing! So my practical definition to be successful is that you must find a way to standout and be memorable by positively differentiating yourself, your products and your business in a compelling way!

The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products like a logo, service mark or image is an effective brand recognition strategy that can give you a superior advantage in increasingly competitive markets…. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customers or clients.

The number one brand in the world is Disney! It does not bring in the most revenue, does not have the greatest movies, does not have the shortest lines at its theme parks, but what it does have is the greatest appreciation to its founding principles. That is what being true to your brand really means and keeps Disney relevant in the mind of kids of all ages!

What we at WCN Interactive, Inc. do, is consult with individuals and business’ on their goals, objectives and processes and aid you in developing brand strategies and tactics to help you achieve your ‘next level’ in business by breaking through your barriers!

The branding process requires an interview to determine if your objective is within our area of expertise!
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Flying Above Marketing:

Brand Development Process:    Optimized: $1,900
Improve your brand’s market penetration: 

  1. What is your purpose for developing a brand? 
  2. Describe your desired outcome in detail and how you want it to look, feel and taste like. 
  3. How does your brand benefit your clients or customers? 
  4. Why is your why?

Brand Development Process:    Distinctive: $4,900
Next Level brand expression: 

  1. What is your client/customers why? 
  2. Thoroughly elaborate on your mission. 
  3. What does your customer/client look like? 
  4. Plus everything in the Brand Development Optimized process. 

Brand Development Process:    Dominant: $9,900
Powerful radiant strategy for a dominate brand:

  1. What will it take to satisfy your client’s/customer’s why? 
  2. Can you passionately and continuously serve? 
  3. Are you willing to endure the branding process, sometime years? 
  4. Plus everything in the Brand Development Optimized and Distinctive processes.

Make the call, what do you have to lose??  Perhaps a lot!

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